Implementation Phase

For the implementation phase, only existing tools are described in the following sections, as there was no need to develop new ones. Children can be taught programming and afterwards they can use them to prototype parts of their game ideas in order to explore them. Alternatively, game researchers, designers, and developers can collaboratively develop prototypes.

CCGD Framework

The CCGD framework is part of my PHD thesis. In order to make it available for other researchers or interested persons, I have decided to provide access via my website. If you are interested in an exemplar of my PHD thesis, please send an Email to Christiane Moser.

Das CCGD Framework ist im Rahmen meiner Doktorarbeit entstanden. Um die Methodensammlung mit anderen Forschern und interesssierten Personen teilen zu können, habe ich mich entschlossen diese öffentlich zugänglich auf meiner Homepage zu machen. Falls Interesse an einam gebundenen Exemplar meiner meiner Doktorarbeit besteht, schicken Sie einfach eine Email an Christiane Moser.